Sonia Washburn - Pink Frangipani. Eau de parfum 30ml
Sonia Washburn - Pink Frangipani. Eau de parfum 30ml
Sonia Washburn - Pink Frangipani. Eau de parfum 30ml

Sonia Washburn - Pink Frangipani. Eau de parfum 30ml

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Sonia Washburn 100% Natural & Handmade Perfumes

Pink Frangipani - 30ml (boxed)

A very sultry and sensual 100% natural perfume. A seductive accord with creamy, peach notes of pink frangipani and a hint of spice. Sweet oranges and summer blossoms lead to a delicious Tahitian vanilla, oakmoss and tonka-bean sunset. Handmade luxury.

Pink Frangipani is inspired by the sultry, pink blossoms that delight the senses through out summer in Australia's east coast and Sydney. The tropical blossom is reminiscent of summer holidays, vibrant floral hues, late evening pink and orange sunsets.

This perfume contains a narcotic blend of pink frangipani, gardenia, jasmine 100% natural floral absolutes. As an eau de parfum the concentration is at the high end, over 20%.

Pink Frangipani is a 100% natural perfume made with essential oils, handmade tinctures, resins and natural isolates from plants. Sugar cane ethanol is used.

Scent has the ability to transport the mind and psyche through associations with personal experiences and memories. Nature is the inspiration. The perfume is a sample of its complexity. A momentary glimpse at an 'Olfactory Landscape' in the mind becomes a corporeal experience.

Made in Australia. 30ml eau de parfum by artisan perfumer Sonia Washburn.

Top - sweet orange, bergamot, black pepper
Heart - pink frangipani, peach, gardenia, jasmine
Base - oakmoss, labdanum, Tahitian vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood

Ingredients - ethanol (sugar cane), perfume (essential oils, resins, absolutes, natural isolates).

All perfumes are handmade with natural aromatic materials. No synthetic ingredients.

NOTE: This is classed as a hazardous good therefore must be sent via a courier service.

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