Natural Matatabi (Silver Vine) Organic Chew Sticks for Cats - Pack of 10

Natural Matatabi (Silver Vine) Organic Chew Sticks for Cats - Pack of 10

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A 100% safe, natural and fun chew stick treat for your cat, non-addictive in nature.

Matatabi is a plant that grows in the mountainous areas of Japan and has the scientific name Actinidia Polygama. Matatabi is a plant in the Kiwifruit family.
It is rich in kiwifine and B-phenylethanol, which stimulates the secretion of hormones in cats, making them more calm, relaxed and is a natural appetitie stimulant. Matatabi also has medicinal value which can prevent diabetes and stabilize blood pressure in cats.

Matatabi - or Silvervine, as it's commonly referred to, is an alternative to regular catnip. It contains two different active ingredients, actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide that may have that special, euphoric “catnip effect” on some cats who aren't affected by traditional catnip. The effects begin immediately after coming in contact with silver vine and only last up to 30 minutes. Typical cat behaviors associated with smelling silver vine can include sedation, hyperactivity, rolling, and licking.

Natural Matatabi (Silver Vine) wood sticks help cats in improving their dental hygiene by getting rid of harmful plaque and tartar through exfoliation.  Chewing the bark and salivating while chewing removes plaque, aids in general cleaning of teeth and promotes dental health. Matatabi sticks not only allure cats to play and chew, but they also give a cat’s teeth a good clean at the same time.

The Matatabi sticks are supplied in a resealable bag to protect their freshness and aroma. After your cat has finished playing with the sticks, cut any sharp gnawed pieces off the end of the sticks and store in the resealable bag provided or in an air-tight sterile glass jar for the next time your cat is in the mood to play with and chew them again.

With a volume pack of 10 sticks, we offer one of the most competitive price in the market.

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